About One Care Services

Our Aims & Values

We place our focus firmly on providing a high quality of care towards each & every service user.

You can be confident in knowing that One Care Services value the promotion of equality throughout the company and do not tolerate any form of abuse or disrespect.

We aim to be recognised as a leading home care service provider, being renowned for our approachability and deep understanding of our service users individual needs.

24/7 Support, 365 Days A Year

Our Team

Our team have extensive knowledge within the Health & Social Care sector, as well as thorough understanding of the associated policies and procedures.

Our management team have a high level of education & have developed strong professional relationships with various bodies within the health & social care sector.

We support all of our staff with their ongoing development and will not settle for anything less than an excellent level of care for our service users.

Kindness & Dignity

Our care provision is delivered in a kind, caring, and dignified manner, ensuring our Service Users always feel comfortable and they get the respect that they deserve.

We ensure that our care teams build trusted relationships that benefit our Service users, helping them to feel relaxed and aiding us in providing a personalised service.


Our goal is to provide services to help our service users to stay independent as much as possible.

Comfort & Reassurance

Our compassionate care givers will always ensure our service users feel at ease by being as caring, and as flexible as possible.

Continuity Of Care

Our continuity of care is maintained by utilising effective, secure record keeping and ensuring clear communication between our care givers.

Mental Health Welbeing

We fully appreciate the importance of mental health wellbeing for both our service users and service givers. We have several processes in place to monitor the mental health of both parties.

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