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Tailored Patient Care

We deliver the highest level of tailored patient care, at home. We can help you or your loved ones to be comfortable in familiar surroundings whilst ensuring the highest level of service and compassion.

With permission, we work closely with the relatives and friends of our service users to understand how life was for them before going into care. This helps us to uphold their way of life wherever possible and also increase their quality of life.

Complete Flexibility

We are able to accommodate service users needs from 'Pop in' visits of 30 minutes all the way to up 24 hour care.

Telephone Support

Telephone support is available around the clock for safety and to offer complete peace of mind.

Reviews & Feedback

We constantly review our processes and collect feedback which helps us to offer the best tailored service possible.

Personal Care

We supervise and support our service users’ daily personal care tasks by helping them maintain their private hygiene, appearance, dignity & health. We are able to assist with the following:

Eating Disorders

We want to ensure that our service users continue to eat as well as possible. We can assist with meal preparation and will always help to adhere to any dietary requirements or eating habits that may be dictated by health, cultural or religious criteria. Helping our service users to stay hydrated is also a key part of our offering.

Degenerative Conditions

Our experienced staff completely understand first-hand both the physical and psychological effects that degenerative conditions have on our service users & their loved ones. We can provide support and care for the following conditions:

Palliative Care

Our palliative care helps our service users live as fully and as comfortably as possible with a life-limiting illness. This includes emotional and spiritual support from our compassionate team that is also available for friends and family who are helping to care for our service users. 


Our medication services allows us to safely assist with everything from prescriptions to administering the medication itself. We ensure the continuity of the medication with our strict processes and clear communication between our care givers and service users.

Learning Disabilities

One Care Services’ support for individuals with learning disabilities emphasises a person-centred approach. It begins with a comprehensive assessment of their unique needs and strengths. This support entails creating an inclusive environment that promotes autonomy and self-determination.

Tailored care plans encompass education, vocational training, and social integration. Emotional and social support, along with advocacy, are pivotal in ensuring individuals’ rights and resources. Through ongoing assessment and flexible interventions, One Care Services aim to empower individuals with learning disabilities for thriving community integration.

Home Help & Social Interaction

We ensure that our service users’ living environments are properly maintained. Loneliness, isolation, and depression are issues that we’re keen to help our service users to avoid. Social interaction maintains good mental health, reduces stress and also slows cognitive decline.

Respite Care

Our Respite at Home service can support both Service Users and their families. We can provide long or short-term respite care in your own Homes, ensuring consistency of the environment is stable for the Service User, when you are taking a break from their care needs.

Complex Care

Our complex care services support those with chronic, long-term health conditions who require extra assistance to manage their symptoms and complete day-to-day activities.

Our Carers are proficient in specialist care techniques, providing nursing level support and always encourage our service users to lead active & independent lives where possible.

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